Faculty HONORS


The Faculty Honors Committee of the Faculty Senate is repsonsible for selecting the winners of the awards listed below. A complete list of campus-wide awards is maintained by the Provost's office and can be found by clicking here.

Submission Instructions

Submit nominations for awards in pdf format by January 31 through T-square. Directions:

1. Log on to http://www.tsquare.gatech.edu
2. Under the "My Workspace" tab, click on the "Membership" sidebar.
3. Click on "Joinable Sites" and join "Faculty Honors Comm".
4. Submit your pdf using the Drop Box tool.
5. Direct any questions to: donna.llewellyn@cetl.gatech.edu

The Committee requests each nomination package include a resume and the nominating and seconding letters describing how the individual is distinguished. All current members of the faculty who have not received the same award in the past ten (10) years are eligible. In order to eliminate potential conflicts of interest, current members of the Faculty Honors Committee are not eligible to be nominated for any of these awards and should refrain from being the author of any nomination or reference letters.The awards will be presented at the annual Faculty-Staff Honors Luncheon. Recommended guidelines for preparation of the nomination packages are given below.

Nomination packages are limited to 20 pages, including any appendices (no smaller than 12 point font).
    • Nominating Letter preferably from department chair or chair of departmental awards committee
    • Condensed curriculum vitae (2-3 pages)
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • For those candidates for either of the two Teaching Awards, or the undergraduate mentoring award, please include:
      • Some letters of recommendation from past and present graduate and undergraduate students
      • Evidence of teaching effectiveness that may include one or more of the following:
        • student evaluation scores
        • senior exit interviews
        • peer reviews
        • or other relevant sources of evaluation
    • For those candidates for the Distinguished Professor Award, please include:
      • Letter of nomination must come from the Chair of the academic unit of the nominee
      • Letters of recommendation from colleagues and peers particularly from those outside Georgia Tech
      • Documentation of scholarship and impact of research
      • Letters and other documentation regarding impact on graduate and undergraduate students and service to Georgia Tech
      • No more than fifteen (15) recommendation letters
Finally, if your School or Department wishes to get more details on the award process contact the committe chair. Committee representatives are available to attend a meeting of your Awards Committee to answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

Committee members

  • Donna Llewellyn
    Chair, Faculty Honors Committee
    phone: 404.894.2340
  • Lisa Detter-Hoskin
  • Flavio Fenton
  • John McIntyre
  • Nathan Moon
  • Jason Nadler
  • Cliff Eckert
    Executive Board Liaison